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Mike Irwin

President and Founder

As founder of Prosperity Growth Strategies, Mike has a passion for educating people and helping them achieve their financial milestones. He has become known for his allegiance to his clients and not to any one financial or insurance carrier. As one of the area’s top producing independent insurance and annuities agents, he has always taken a client-first approach, allowing him and his team to stay engaged with a family for the long-haul. Mike is a Certified National Social Security Advisor, a licensed life insurance and annuities professional, and a Certified Mentor of Moneytrax financial planning software.

Mike’s own family story helped bring him to his calling of financial services. He saw first-hand how the lack of a plan for a safe retirement was dangerous for his mother, after the unfortunate sudden illness and death of his father. Vowing to help improve other families’ situations, Mike has dedicated his career to working with his clients to provide them the most appropriate insurance and annuities vehicles to help ensure a less risky retirement.

“I have always taken the ‘education first’ approach,” says Mike about his style of working with clients. “Retirement is a complex topic that many people don’t fully understand. It is my commitment to my clients to bring them in as active participants and to help them simplify their financial goals for safety and security.”

Mike and his wife of 38 years, Sarah, are proud parents of a son and a daughter, both recent graduates of college and pursuing successful careers in Washington, DC, and Richmond, VA. Although now classified as “empty nesters,” their dog Millie, a West Highland Terrier (a Westie) keeps them busy at home in Manakin-Sabot, VA. In his spare time, Mike is an avid college sports fan and loves to travel and learn about new places.


Colter Eastman

Colter Eastman was born and raised here in Richmond, Virginia. He is a proud graduate of Hampden-Sydney College and married his high-school sweetheart, Emily, in 2019. Before joining Prosperity Growth Strategies, Colter was an agent at New York Life Insurance Company.

Colter is committed to helping his clients feel confident about their retirement strategies and long-term income goals, and he has been able to help numerous clients in Virginia with advice about retirement solutions. Based on the primary objective of protecting his clients’ hard-earned retirement dollars from market downturn, Colter has been able to spread that message to families and help provide them options in otherwise challenging times.

He specializes in helping his clients with tax planning and long-term care strategies.  For most of our clients two of the biggest issues in retirement are rising taxes and the costs of long-term care. Colter helps his clients implement strategies to make sure they don’t drain their retirement assets when it comes to long-term care expenses.

In his spare time Colter enjoys camping, cars and trucks, football and spending time outside.

Colter looks forward to helping you and your family enjoy the financial freedom you deserve!

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